04 July 2010

TapeItToTheLimit! 001-006

Brilliant Colors: Demo (001)
SOLD OUT (Lmtd 30?)
Early four-track recordings given away at shows. Featuring original line-up of Jess Scott, John Garmon, and Hollie Retzinger.

SOLD OUT (Lmtd 50)
Jess Scott-Guitar/Vocals
Layla Gibbon-Guitar/Vocals
Recorded on a hand-held tape player in San Francisco.

Jean & Gene (003)
SOLD OUT (Lmtd 50)
Anthony Atlas-Guitar/Vocals
Jess Scott-Guitar/Vocals
Jess and Ant team up for something like the Marine Boys.

  Essential Tremors (004)
  SOLD OUT (Lmtd 50)
   Diane Anastasio-Drums
   Jess Scott-Guitar/Vocals
   Zane Morris-Guitar/Vocals
   Rager on a 4-Track in the meatlocker
    practice space.
Big Rhythms (005)
SOLD OUT (Lmtd 50)
Lillian Maring-Guitar/Drums
George Chen-Drums/Synth
Hollie Retzinger-Guitar
Jess Scott-Guitar/Bongos/Vocals
Recorded in 2009 in Oakland.


          Nose Dive (006)
         SOLD OUT (Lmtd 100)
         Eric Butterworth- Vocals
         Diane Anastasio- Guitar
         Jon Young- Bass
         Jon Shade- Drums
         Recorded in early 2011

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